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Sgs φ180mm Wire Cable Manufacturing Machine For Metal Sheathing

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Sgs φ180mm Wire Cable Manufacturing Machine For Metal Sheathing

Sgs φ180mm  Wire Cable Manufacturing Machine For Metal Sheathing
Sgs φ180mm  Wire Cable Manufacturing Machine For Metal Sheathing Sgs φ180mm  Wire Cable Manufacturing Machine For Metal Sheathing Sgs φ180mm  Wire Cable Manufacturing Machine For Metal Sheathing Sgs φ180mm  Wire Cable Manufacturing Machine For Metal Sheathing

Large Image :  Sgs φ180mm Wire Cable Manufacturing Machine For Metal Sheathing

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Herrman
Certification: CE, UL, GS, SGS, TUV, ISO
Model Number: 50, 100, 120, 140, 180, 200
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 SET
Price: By Negotiation
Packaging Details: EXPORT PACKING
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T and Negotiation
Supply Ability: 1 SET PER MONTH
Detailed Product Description
Product Name: Φ180mm Metal Pipe Welding & Corrugating Line & Argon Arc Welding Pipe And Corrugation Cable Production Line Usage: Use For Metal Sheathing On High Voltage Cable..l Sheathing On High Voltage Cable.
Weld Material: Copper Tape, Al Tape And Stainless Steel Tape Tape Material Thickness: CU:0.3mm~1.2mm AL:1.0mm~4.0mm SS:0.3mm~1.0mm
Corrugated Pitch: 2.78mm~40mm Corrugated Depth: 1mm~5mm
Corrugated Type: Spiral, Ring Corrugation Motor Power: 11KW(Ac Servo )
Warranty: 1 Year
High Light:

SGS Wire Cable Machine


CU cable manufacturing machine


180mm cable manufacturing machine


Φ180mm Metal Pipe Welding & Corrugating Line & Argon Arc Welding Pipe And Corrugation Cable Production Line


This line is mainly use for metal sheathing on high voltage cable.
This production line is mainly used in the production of high-voltage cable metal sheath. The clean metal belt after side shearing through special forming die continuous welding by inert gas and then corrugation.
2.Main  Specification
2.1Welded Pipe diameter Φ40~Φ180mm
2.2Welded metal material copper tape, Al tape and Stainless Steel tape
2.3 Tape thickness CU:0.3mm~1.2mm AL:1.0mm~4.0mm SS:0.3mm~1.0mm
2.4Max welding speed 8m/min
2.5Welding current 5~350A
2.6Max Corrugated speed 800rpm
2.7Corrugated pitch 8mm~40mm
2.8Corrugated depth 1mm~5mm
2.9Corrugated type spiral, ring
2.10Max pulling force 3000kg
2.11Caterpillar motor power 11KW(Ac frequency conversion )
2.12Corrugation motor power 11KW(Ac servo )
2.13Welding protection gas argon gas or helium gas
2.14Protection gas argon gas 50-80L/H
2.15Working gas pressure >0.4Mpa
2.16Central height 1000mm
2.17Installed capacity <100KVA


3.1Φ3600 portal type pay off 1 set
3.2Driving tape pay off 1 set
3.3Tape Pay off tension speed control device 1 set
3.4Tape connecting machine 1 set
3.5Welding platform 1 set
3.6Inlet Tape positioning device 1 set
3.7Precision Cutter device 1 set
3.8Outlet tape positioning device and tape straightening device 1 set
3.9Waste edge collecting device 1 set
3.10Precisiong wheel type forming device 1 set
3.11Welding die stand and sizing device 1 set
3.12Straight shank welding gun 1 set
3.13Circle Cooling system Welding gun 1 set
3.14Three-dimensional adjust device for gun 1 set
3.15Welding arc monitoring device 1 set
3.16Argon arc Welding machine 1 set
3.17Air supply adjust system 1 set
3.18Lubrication cooling and blow device for welding , 1 set
3.193000kg flat belt caterpillar 1 set
3.20Eccentric type corrugation device , 1 set 1 set
3.21Lubrication cooling device for corrugation  
3.22Cleaning and blow system 1 set
3.23Φ3600 portal type take up with traverse 1 set
3.24Electrical control system 1 set


4.Technical specification for main components
4.1Φ3600 portal type pay off(Top clamping)
4.1.1Suitable reel size PN2500~PN3600mm
4.1.2Cable OD ≤Φ180mm
4.1.3Max loading ≤25t
4.1.4Portal moving type pay off with automatic centering function.
4.2 Driving tape pay off
4.2.1Pay off reel OD Φ1600mm
4.2.2Max loading 5000kg
4.2.3Tape pay off motor 3kW(AC)
Driving tape pay off, pay off adopt AC motor,control by Siemens Driver
4.3Tape Pay off tension speed control device
Structure: adopt swing arm and heavy punch type balance weighting, potentiometer control tape pay off speed. Change the tape tension through changing the balance weighting position.
4.4Tape connecting machine
4.4.1It is use for connecting the tape to ensure the continuous running.
4.4.2Max cutting width 550mm
4.4.3Cutting angle 30°
4.4.4 CU:0.3mm~1.2mm
Cutting tape thickness AL:1.0mm~4.0mm
4.4.5Max speed of connecting 1.5m/min(adjustable)
4.4.6Welding current 10A~200A(adjustable)
4.5Welding platform
This platform is welded by steel plate, it is use for install the Inlet Tape positioning device, Precision Cutter device, Outlet tape positioning device and tape straightening device, Precisiong wheel type forming device, Welding die stand and sizing device, Three-dimensional adjust device for gun and Welding arc monitoring device.
4.6Inlet Tape positioning device
4.6.1Positioning the metal tape in correct position go to Precision Cutter device.
4.6.2Inlet width 150~550mm
4.6.3Inlet width can be adjust by hand.
4.7Precision Cutter device
4.7.1It is mainly use for cutting the edge and make the tape in correct width with fresh edge to ensure the welding quality, cutting precision can reach ±0.01mm.
4.7.2width 150~550mm
4.7.3 CU:0.3mm~1.2mm
Metal tape thickness AL:1.0mm~4.0mm
4.7.4width can be adjust by hand.
4.8Outlet tape positioning device and tape straightening device
4.8.1Outlet tape positioning device similar to Inlet Tape positioning device. Tape straightening device adopt four sets of roller and height can be adjustable, rigidity type structure to make sure the stable tension. Positioning the metal tape without any deformation go to the forming device
4.9Waste edge collecting device
4.9.1It is mainly use for collecting the waste tape.
4.9.2Motor 0.37kw
4.9.3Adopt separate motor to collecting, collecting speed and tension can be adjust continuous, and also can be self-synchronizing with main machine.
4.10Precisiong wheel type forming device
4.10.1Adope precision roller with horn module, predeformation through precision roller and final forming through forming roller group and horn module, easy to adjust and stable forming to ensure the welding quality.
4.11Welding die stand and sizing device
4.11.1It is use for fixed the sizing die, easy to adjust or disassembling, with function of die cooling.
4.12枪Straight shank welding gun
4.12.1Special straight shank welding gun,strengthened the large current welding effect, especially suitable for large current welding for a long time continuously welding, with cooling jacket and ceramic welding nozzle
4.13Circle Cooling system Welding gun
4.13.1Integrated type water cooling loop, with automatic forced cooling device
4.14Three-dimensional adjust device for gun
4.14.1Welding gun can be electric adjustable in the X, Y, Z three directions.
4.15Welding arc monitoring device
4.15.1welding arc monitoring system is composed of monitor and optical viewfinder, amplify the real-time status on the monitor, the operator can see welding state, intuitive for fine-tuning process, reduce the work intensity of the operators, more effectively control in the welding quality.
4.16Argon arc Welding machine
4.16.1United States imported welding machine, inverter welding power source, with the main parameters display and weld status display;
4.16.2welding current range is 5 ~ 350A, continuously adjustable
4.17Air supply adjust system
4.17.1Air supply system including Gas pressure reducing valve, one-way valve, the barometer and air bottle fixed frame( can be place four bottles). Air bottle supply by customer
4.18Lubrication, cooling and blow device for welding
4.18.1Made by stainless steel Stainless, half immersion type cooling, integrated automatic cooling cycle.
4.193000kg flat belt caterpillar
4.19.1Max pulling force 3000kg
4.19.2Max speed 8m/min
4.19.3 With # type guide roller at inlet and outlet.
4.19.4Speed stepless and adjustable
4.19.5Motor power 11KW(AC frequency conversion)
4.20Eccentric type corrugation device
4.20.1Corrugation diameter Φ40~Φ180mm
4.20.2Max speed of corrugation 800rpm
4.20.3Corrugated pitch 8mm~40mm
4.20.4Corrugated depth 1mm~5mm
4.20.5Corrugation type spiral type or ring type
4.20.6Motor power 11KW(ACServo )
4.20.7Eccentric type structure, it is mainly use for corrugated the spiral or ring on surface of welded pipe. Corrugated depth can be adjust.
4.21Cleaning and blow system
4.21.1Use clean water and compress air to clean the blow the pipe surface to ensure the pipe quality after corrugation.
4.22Φ3600 portal type take up with traverse
4.22.1Reel size PN2500~PN3600mm
4.22.2Cable OD ≤Φ180mm
4.22.3Max loading ≤25t
4.22.4Take up speed ≤10m/min
4.22.5Take up motor power 11kw(AC FREQUENCY CONVERSION)
4.22.6Take up gearbox adopt hardened face gear with big transmission torque and less noise
4.22.7Traverse motor adopt frequency conversion and traverse speed auto following take up speed, traverse pitch and tension can be adjustable.
4.23 Electrical control system
4.23.1Power supply: 3phase, 5 wires, 415V±10% 50HZ 415V±10% 50HZ
4.23.2The whole machine control by Siemens S7-300 PLC. The whole production process can be real-time display and monitoring;Touch screen can be set welding current, welding speed, and other various process parameters and can be long-term preservation, the next start can directly call the corresponding process parameters, easy to use.
4.24Air should meet the following requirements is provided by the user
4.24.2Compressed air shall be dry, without impurities and dirt etc.
  • 5.Other
    • Machine direction: From Left to Right,face to machine, left is pay off and right is take up.
    • Color code: main machine(RAL5015),rotating parts(RAL2004),electrical cabinet(RAL7032).

Supply 2 set of die



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