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55kw 36mm Continuous Sheathing Wire Cable Machine With Water Cooling

China Anhui Herrman Machinery Technology Co.,ltd certification
We visited HERRMAN and were positively impressed on the good workmanship and wish HERRMAN to continue along the lines of doing business so far.

—— Mr. Vipul from Sterlite

We bought many machines from Herrman Group and We understand that a decent quality has been reached and hope continuous efforts to make good machines.

—— Mr. Rajurkar from Poly Cab

It's really enjoyable experience for coopetaion with Herrman Team. They are making good quality machines as well as with professional commercial issue

—— Mr. Kotadia from Nexans QICC

Herrman is a company with high reputation. They have a very good after-sale service team. You can always get timely and positive feedback from them.

—— Mr. Mahesh from Havells

Herrman proved to be very helpful, skilled, resourceful and flexible in finding solutions.We plan to do another extension in cooperation this year.

—— Mr.Frank Maczak from TK Dixi

Our equipment people and production people are quite happy with the workmanship of the machine supplied by Herrman. Please maintain that level. Thanks

—— Mr.Suren Shah from WTEC

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55kw 36mm Continuous Sheathing Wire Cable Machine With Water Cooling

55kw 36mm Continuous Sheathing Wire Cable Machine With Water Cooling
55kw 36mm Continuous Sheathing Wire Cable Machine With Water Cooling 55kw 36mm Continuous Sheathing Wire Cable Machine With Water Cooling

Large Image :  55kw 36mm Continuous Sheathing Wire Cable Machine With Water Cooling

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Herrman
Certification: CE, UL, GS, SGS, TUV, ISO
Model Number: YQL100/5
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 SET
Price: By Negotiation
Packaging Details: EXPORT PACKING
Delivery Time: 40DAYS
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T or By Negotiation
Supply Ability: 1 set per 1 month
Detailed Product Description
Extrusion Material: Pure Lead、Lead-antimony Alloy、Lead-stannum-antimony Alloy、Lead-antimony-copper Alloy、Lead-stannum-cadmium Alloy Cable Diameter: ф6mm~ф36(46)mm
Diameter After Sheathed Lead: ф8mm~ф40(50)mm OD ф8mm~ф40(50)mm Structure Of Melting Pot: Specially Welded
High Light:

36mm Sheathing Wire Cable Machine


55kw Sheathing Wire Cable Machine


36mm Continuous Sheathing extruder


Continuous Lead Sheathing Extruder Type YQL100/5


1. Application

The continuous lead sheathing extruder typeYQL100/5 is designed with innovation to compound lead sheath over small cables or mineral cables, which is integrated with the advanced experience in the domestic and abroad same kind of machine


The machine performs continuous extrusion of lead with the vertical rotation of a screw to transit the lead upward, which is able to ensure equal thickness of lead on the longitudinal line of the lead pipe. Due to the strict control of temperature on each part, the extruding pressure and temperature can remain constant so that it is possible to keep the difference in lead thickness within a minimum.

As the melting & holding pot and the liquefied lead conveyed are enclosed, vaporization from lead can be greatly reduced. Therefore this extruder basically does not cause pollution to the environment.

This extruder is light in weight, and involves low labor intensity in operation, and takes a comparatively small area.


The extruder extrudes pure lead or alloy lead, and the ideal composition of alloy lead is as follows:


2.1 Pure lead Pb-99.99%
2.2 Lead-antimony alloy Sb-0.3-0.4%
2.3 Lead-stannum-antimony alloy Sn-0.4%; Sb-0.2%
2.4 Lead-antimony-copper alloy Sb-0.4%; Cu-0.04%
2.5 Lead-stannum-cadmium alloy Sn-0.2%; Cd-0.075%


3. 3.1.

Cable diameter ф6mm~ф36(46)mm
Diameter after sheathed lead


OD ф8mm~ф40(50)mm

Main motor of extruder



Heating power for extruding barrel 18kw
Heating power of die stock 16kw
Heating power of Ω pipe 3kw
Heating power of 10T pot 103kw
Power of other auxiliary pumps ~10kw


Total power

~195kw(excluding pay-off & take-up)


Power source

AC380V 50Hz


P/O & T/U

Φ800~Φ2000mm or as per demanders require(optional item




Lead composition


Screw speed (rpm)


Extruded output (kg/min)


Pure lead

5~12 9~12


Soft alloy lead

5~10 6~9


Thickness of lead layer:



Max. outlet linear speed

≤60m/min (MAX)  


Water consumption



Occupied area





3.3 5T/h

3.3.Internal water circulating consumption: 5T/h


4. Composition

Loading unit with rollers 1set


10-ton purifying & holding pot




Ω lead pipe


1 pcs


main extruding machine type YQL100/5

1set (including gear box, die stock, extruding barrel)
Gear lubricant oil system



Internal water circulating system



Rear cooling water system 1set
Flow controller 1set
Electrical control system(including full automatic auxiliary system) 1set



5. Features for Main Composition

5. 1. Loading Unit with Rollers

5. 1.1. It conveys raw material with side transfer, driven by motor, it is convenient for storing the lead ingot and easy for operator, which reduce the labor strength, moreover it is equipped with the clips for lead ingot.

5.1.2. The skid for inlet lead ingot is fixed on the slanting support frame so that lead ingot can easily slip into the pot.




Capacity of melting pot

10 t


Work temperature




Heating power




Structure of melting pot


Specially welded


Thickness of insulation material




zones divided in pot


Melting zone, stirring & refining zone and holding zone


To open the pot cover

By cylinder


5.4. ΩPipe

It is used to transfer lead between the melting pot and the purifying & holding pot, and between the purifying and holding pot and the extruding machine.

The lead transfer pipe is shaped like Ω Because it expands due to heating while the molten lead is heated in the holding pot and lead transfer pipe .

Material of Ω pipe is molded with seamless steel tube with good quality and without crack lines; at external Ω pipe is wrapped with the special heaters for heating, which has equal and good heat conductivity, moreover, the heating unit is not easily damaged, meanwhile at two ends of Ω pipe are mounted two temperature checking points, in which temperature checking thermal couples are set

On top of Ω pipe is mounted an additional manual temperature checking point to revise temperature

At the lead inlet entry to the host extruding machine, there is a stearic container so that it can satisfy processing requirements that cleans up the impurity etc. in the pipe during production




Description Parameter


Nominal dia. of extruding screw



Screw rotating speed



Extruding capacity



Main motor for extruder



Small die stock



Work temperature for extruding barrel



Work temperature for die stock

~ 290℃


Gear box of extruder is of horizontal structure with leakage proof treatment, motor is connected with spiral bevel gear, the other gears is forged with alloy steel and cast steel and manufactured with fine finish rolling

Extruding screw conveys the lead vertically, which reduces effects of lead layer gravity

Axial die adjusting and die unloading at the entry of die are from the electric hydraulic station, which is convenient to adjust the thickness of lead layer and replace the die stock and die tip.

Equality of thickness of lead pipe is achieved with the 4 screws to adjust the die cover.

At the exit of die is mounted a special spraying unit to supply for the cooling and crystallization of lead layer.


5.6.Gear Lubricant Oil System

The gear box is oil stored tank, its whole structure for the machine is reasonable and compact.

The lubricant oil line consists of oil pump, filter, dual coolers, pressure gauge, etc. additionally is mounted pressure relay to supervise the lubricant oil line so that it can automatically alarm due to lack of oil. It saves maintenance time and ensures to resume production because of oil supply by pump

Lubricant oil enters into the gear box in 5 lines and spray lubricant oil on contact points of gears and each bearing


5.7.Internal Water circulating & Cooling System

Internal cooling water tank for the machine is under the ground , that is , it is at the bottom of host machine, consists of cooling water pump, safety valve, level controller, 8m2 heat exchanger , etc. which is to cooling each section of extruding barrel .

Clean soft water is pumped in from the entry of water tank(the water hardness is less than 4~5°dh, advise to use the distilled water )

On water tank is mounted level display meter for checking the water level in it, additionally equipped with the temperature sensor, flow regulator, pressure relay for supervising the internal cooling water system, it will automatically alarm due to surpassing set temperature or lack of water.

It saves maintenance time and ensure to resume production because of water supply by pump.

Soft water in water tank is transmitted to the upper, middle, lower heating zones of extruding barrel in 3 lines so that it can adjust the temperature of extruded lead, and its flow can be adjusted through valve according to the work state, and cooling water can be recycled for use after it is out of machine body and back to water tank

External cooling water supply for the machine is filtered drink water, which is provided by users, and its flow is 5t/h, temperature is less than 25℃, pressure is 0.3Mpa. After being filter, the external cooling water enters into the plate type heat exchanger to exchange heat with internal recycling cooling water, in addition it goes through the gear oil cooler, rear cooling unit, water cooling jacket of die stock for cooling.


5.8.Rear Water Cooling System

It consists of cooling water spraying pipe and subsequent spraying pipe for stainless steel laundry , which can make the second cooling for the crystallization of lead layer and crystallized lead sheath at the exit of die.

At the rear of laundry is mounted air compressed wiper to dry the surface of lead sheath.


5.9. Flow Controller (including full automatic auxiliary system)

The cooling water pumped out of the bottom of the machine enters into the extruding barrel in 3 lines through 3 glass rotameters in coordination with the heaters, inlet water is adjusted by manual which can control the process temperature of extruding barrel.

Flow meter is equipped with the valve for adjustment, and on it water flow on each cooling point of machine can be read.

Proportional valve for full automatic auxiliary system is Siemens, China


5.10 Electrical Control System


Touch screen exchanges data in dual ways through PLC, controls and monitors the system via PLC process. Output of PLC is transmitted to each speed regulator to control and monitor status of each device to carry out control in computer.



Power source




Total installed capacity


195KVA(excluding pay-off & take-up, etc.)


Speed regulator for DC motor


SSD 591 series, Parker


Temperature controller


RKC, Japan


General low voltage device


within 63A Schneider, France




S7-1200 series , Siemens, China


Touch screen


“WEINVIEW”10`` color


Display on Touch screen


1.main machine and auxiliary devices

2.Temperature of each heating zone and set status

3.Automatic proportional valve and set status

4.Heating faults and motor faults

5.Illustrated pictures for each heating zone for watching easily and directly

6.Cooling water temperature and liquefied lead level

7.Shift for auxiliary pumps



Display on recorder(equipped with printer port to collect the data)

1.Current of main machine and diagram of rotary speed

2.Temperature diagrams of upward, middle and below extruding barrel

3.Linear diagram(signal from spooling dancer)

4.Diagram of Upward, middle and below automatic proportional valve

5.Oil temperature diagram of gear box




Abnormal control of main motor, low pressure or over temperature of lubricant oil


Control of feeding material for pot


Automatically open feeding motor after liquefied lead alarm


Electrical control cabinet


Fully closed structure similar to Rittal, equipped with air condition to ensure the cleanness in cabinet and normal work of system

Heating for omega pipe Adopt jumping heating method to ensure normal work


Heating die stock


Divide into three zones to ensure easy operation


5.11. Operation Direction

It’s up to users


5.12. Machine’s Color

Do as per color panel from users


6. Machine’s Protection

We design sealing systems for the holding pot and liquefied lead transfer pipe considering some oxidation due to low lead molten point, meanwhile strictly control and supervise the heating temperature, eliminate lead vaporization and proliferation

For the melting pot, users can mount exhaust unit and water cooling spraying unit by themselves so that it’s safe to exhaust



7. Items Provided by Users

7.1. Machine’s foundation construction, pipelines project, raw material for production, necessary tools, measuring apparatus , equipments and auxiliary material for installation.

7.2. Water , electricity, and air supply and their pipelines for connection for the line

7.3. Circulating water pipeline for flow meter cabinet to inlet points and supply points of machine

7.4. Water circulating supply and water pipeline for cooler , die stock and stainless laundry(5m3/h, 0.4Mpa, water temperature less than25℃)

7.5. Workshop electricity net and cables to machine’s electrical cabinet, wires and cables to connect between cabinet and each control point and among electrical cabinet

Seller supplies the specification of cables

7.6. Air supply and air pipeline to machine’s air inlet points, air consumption is about 12m3/h

7.7. Exhaust unit and water spraying cooling unit for melting pot so that it can safely exhaust.



option for customers

630/1600 Gantry travel active pay-off(including tension adjustor )

Bobbin dia. Φ630~Φ1600mm
Applicable bobbin width 475~1180mm
Bobbin load 4T
Applicable cable dia. ≤40mm
Pay-off speed 80m/min
Pay-off motor 5.5kwAC motor
Motor for travel 1.1kw
Motor for lift/fall 0.75kw 2sets
Motor for clamping Y90S-6-0.75kw


800/2000 Gantry travel-on-rail take-up & traversing (including tension adjustor )

Bobbin dia. Φ800~Φ2000mm
Applicable bobbin width 600~1500mm
Bobbin load 6T
Applicable cable dia. Φ5~50mm
Spooling speed 80m/min
Spooling motor 5.5AC motor
Traversing motor 0.75kw
Motor for lift/fall 0.75kw 2sets
Motor for clamping 0.75kw




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