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Nontwist Cable Cores 75KW 30r/Min 2800mm Drum Twister Machine

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Our equipment people and production people are quite happy with the workmanship of the machine supplied by Herrman. Please maintain that level. Thanks

—— Mr.Suren Shah from WTEC

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Nontwist Cable Cores 75KW 30r/Min 2800mm Drum Twister Machine

Nontwist Cable Cores 75KW 30r/Min 2800mm Drum Twister Machine
Nontwist Cable Cores 75KW 30r/Min 2800mm Drum Twister Machine
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Large Image :  Nontwist Cable Cores 75KW 30r/Min 2800mm Drum Twister Machine

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Herrman
Certification: CE, UL, GS, SGS, TUV, ISO
Model Number: 1600MM - 4500MM
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 SET
Price: By Negotiation
Packaging Details: EXPORT PACKING
Delivery Time: 93 DAYS
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T or By Negotiation
Supply Ability: 10 SETS PER MONTH
Detailed Product Description
Product Name: Drum Twisting Line Laying-up Max Outer Diameter Of Finished Cables: Ф150mm
Max Rotating Speed Of Drum Twist & Pay-off Stand: 30r/min Max Linear Speed: 50m/min(stepless)
Pitch Of Finished Cable: 200~2800mm Max Power Of Caterpillar: 6T
Main Motor: N=75KW(AC)n=1500rpm
High Light:

30r/min drum twister machine


2800mm drum twister machine


75KW drum twister machine


1.1 Application

JPD-3150Drum twisting line laying-up used for laying-up of large section ,long length power cables. The line is for laying-up of pre-twist or non-twist cable cores.

1.2Composition and summarization

The machine is composed of ø2250 rotating pay off stand (6 sets),hydraulic lift platform , wire assembly die , filling yearn pay off stand (2 sets),guiding stand ,three row die set,non-metal taping device(2 sets),phase correction ,meter counter,6T rotating caterpillar device ,ø3150 rotating pay off and traverse stand,electrical transmission system and pneumatic hydraulic system.

The equipment adopts PLC to command and coordinate the startup, operation and synchronous rotation of whole machine and each sectional motors in a unified way. Each frequency-converter motor is controlled by import inverter. It uses touching screen to show and adjust operating state of production line and technical parameter. Electrical control system is advanced, convenient and reliable.

Taping device adopts single motor to drive, taping pitch is step-less and adjustable. Caterpillar haul-off and rotary take-up adopt mechanic linkage, synchronous rotation, single motor controls haul-off line speed and the pitch is step-less and adjustable.

Pay-off stand accepts single motor to drag and rotate. It can have synchronous rotation as rotary take-up stand, and adopts inching jogging operation as well. Take-up stand uses under roller type structure to add rigidity to take-up stand; smoothness and reliability to operation.

The line is provided with various protection measures and auto stop function if there is any fault , easy and reliable operation.


2.Basic technical specification of equipment

2.1 Max outer diameter of finished cables Ф150mm

2.2Max rotating speed of drum twist & pay-off stand 30r/min

2.3 Max linear speed 50m/min(stepless)

2.4 Pitch of finished cable 200~2800mm

2.5 Max power of caterpillar 6T

2.6 Max rotating speed of non-metal taping 840rpm

2.7 Filling yearns specification (OD* ID*Width*QTY)



2.8 Main motor N=75KW(AC)n=1500rpm

2.9 Caterpillar motor N=45KW(AC)n=1500rpm

2.10 Non-metal taping motor N=15KW(AC)n=1500rpm

Operation Manual of JPD-3150 Drum Twister    

2.11 Rotating pay off stands motor(6 sets) N=22KW(AC)n=1500rpm

2.12 Traverse motor N=2.2KW n=1500rpm

2.13 Take up motor (2sets) N=7.5KW(AC)n=1480rpm

2.14 Pay off reel specification PN2250

2.15 Take up reel specification PN3150


3.Technical specification & structure of each main components

3.1 ø2250 Rotating type pay off stand

3.1.1 Structure specification

3.1.1The structure of the component is fork -stand cantilever type.It is composed of drive motor, reducer, pneumatic brake device, fork frame, wire disc clamping mechanism, horizontal bolt, tension control mechanism and hydraulic lifting platform.

This pay off stand use Ac variable frequency motor driver the fork-stand rotating ,

Pay-off stand can have synchronous rotation with take-up stand, and it also can be fixed not to rotate, as well as inching rotation controlled by people.

Pay-off tension of Ф2600 rotary pay-off stand is controlled by pneumatic, compressed air is sent to rotary fork stand by one rotary pneumatic junction, then to tension disk by 2 tension controller.Pay-off tension can be adjusted freely on pneumatic control cabinet under the state of stopping and operating.

Note: rotary pneumatic junctions at the end of the main shaft should be lubricated during operation, or it will damage the sealed components inside junctions.

Pay-off bobbin clamping is controlled by electricity. It drives pintles forward and backward by motor through worm pair and nut screw pair, so as to clamp or release the bobbin.

The pay-off stand has one horizontal bolt, which is composed of bolt and two position switches. It is a kind of protection device. When fork stand is on the horizontal position, bolt mounted on the base plate can be plugged into the rounded hole at the end of the fork stand. One position switch works, meanwhile, the bobbin clamping device and hydraulic lifting platform can work to finish the bobbin clamping, relaxing, loading and unloading. At the same time, main machine cannot start because of interlocking. When withdrawing the bolt, another position switch works, at the mean time, main engine can start while bobbin clamping device and hydraulic lifting platform are locked.

3.1.Technical specification

a.Max rotating speed 30r/min

b. Max loading weight of pay off stand 8T

c. Pay off reel PN2250



d. Power of electrical motor N=22KW(AC)

e Pay-off tension 10~150da

Note: Rotary pay-off stand can not exceed 70% of designed max speed when in heavy load.


3.2 Three row die holder

3.2.1 Structure specification

The compacting die holder is provided with 3 sets of compacting die.1 set of compacting die is fixed type,and other two sets are mobile compacting dies.The front or back position of compacting die can be adjusted. In front of this compacting die is installed with 3 core, 4 core ,5 core or 6 core wire assembly plate to assembly wire.


3.3Taping device (Non-metallic taping device)

3.3.1 Structure specification

Structure of the device is two tape pads and half tangent; the device mainly consists of guide tape device, rotating support, braking device, electric control system, shield, etc. Cables can be overlapped girded by it.

Speed of taping head is driven by one unit of 15kw (AC) motor, working speed and rotating directions can be realized by adjusting speed and directions of the motor. Width of tapping tape is 15~80mm,diameter of tape pads is Ф600mm and aperture of tape pads is Ф80mm. Tension of tape pads can be adjusted by mechanical device between 2.5-15kg. During the working process, invariability can be ensured by tension feedback device and will not be affected by any change of tape pad diameter.

The taping device is equipped with tape-breaking stop protection. When tape-breaking occurs or device finishes taping, tape-breaking stop device will send the stopping signals. After braking device receives braking signal, electromagnetic valve will start working , letting pressed air into mini type air cylinder quickly and pushing skate brake to hold braking wheel to make rotary body of tapping head stop rotating immediately, so as to reduce attacks to the drive medium.

Shield of taping head has the function of safety protection. When its gate opens, position switch will switch off and whole machine can not start. Whole machine can start only after the gate closes and the position switch shuts down.


3.3.2Technical specification

a.Width of taping 15~80mm

b.Tape size Ф600×Ф80mm

c. Taping tension 2.5~15kg

d. Taping pitch Step -less

e . Max rotating speed of taping head 840r/min

3.4 Rotating belt caterpillar

3.4.1 Structure specification

Caterpillar device is composed of front and back support,cylinder compacting device,caterpillar tension device,caterpillar speed reducer and rotating air inlet.

The box body of the front stand is welded with steel plate, and the large bearing supports the main shaft.The two ends of the main shaft have a pair of synchronous belt drive, the right end of the synchronous belt through the flat key and the main shaft connection, drive the rotation of the whole body, its transmission speed ratio with the disc head of the main gearbox is completely consistent.Thus, the synchronized rotation of crawler traction rotating body and disc twisting body is guaranteed.The left end synchronous belt wheel is mounted on the main shaft, and its power is transferred by a 45kw ac variable frequency motor on the ground through the synchronous belt, and then finally through the synchronous belt to the traction reducer, and then the traction belt driven by the traction wheel, and then drag the cable forward.The rotation of the rotating body itself will cause an impact on the speed of the 45KW motor transferred in, resulting in an original traction line speed of the equipment. The influence of this speed on the final traction line speed of the equipment can be corrected by using the electric control of the speed of the 45KW motor.

The rotating pneumatic joint on the main shaft of the rear support frame provides a working air source for the compression cylinder and tensioning airbag.

Cylinder clamping device, a total of 10 cylinder on both ends of each cylinder by fluctuation pressure roller, pressure roller bracket connection between the two pressure roller bracket with a connecting rod, so that the cylinder and the connecting rod and the support of a linkage, roll up and down in the process of expansion, thus ensuring the cylinder pressure roll up and down movement at the same time, make the crawler traction cable is always on.Crawler tensioning device is composed of a cylinder and upper and lower tensioning wheels. The stretching of the cylinder through the connecting rod makes the upper and lower tensioning wheels relax or tensioning at the same time, ensuring the tensioning of upper and lower crawlers.The opening and closing of upper and lower crawler is completed by the cylinder compaction device and crawler tensioning device.When to open, first make the tensioning cylinder action, and then relax the pressure cylinder;When the clamping cable is to be closed, press the cylinder to press the cable, then loosen the tension cylinder (when the tension cylinder is relaxed, this step can be omitted), and finally make the tension cylinder to tighten the belt.The pressure of the compression cylinder and the tensioning cylinder can be adjusted separately. Generally, the pressure of the compression cylinder should be less than that of the tensioning cylinder.

3.4.2 Technology specification

a Max linear speed 50m/min

b Max. Pulling force 6000dan

c Max OD of passable cable Ф150mm

d Max rotating speed 30r/min

3.5 ø3150 rotating take-up stand with traversing

3.5.1 Structure specification

The device is composed of drum head, support roller stand, stranding gearbox and hydraulic lifting platform.


Operation Manual of JPD-3150 Drum Twister    

Drum head is the key component of Ф4000 drum twister; it is type of fork stand supporting wheel. Its main body is composed of fork stand, traverse device, clamping device, take-up device, pneumatic brake device and conduction device, etc.

a .Fork stand

Fork stand is like the skeleton, it has the function of linking, installing bobbins and other components.

b .Traverse device

It is composed of one2.2KW AC motor,WHX-06-12.5-I helical gear reducer, traverse holder, lead screw, and proximity switch, etc. Changes of traverse pitch can be realized according to that of rotating speed of AC motor. When pitch is given, rotating speed of AC motor is changing with that of take-up motor; But, traverse reversing is realized by position switch.

C Support roller stand

It is the main loader of drum head. This support roller stand is single structure. It needs to be adjusted periodically due to looseness and abrasion of spare part. Specific contents can be found in “Installation, Maintenance and operation” of the using manual.

D Clamping device

Clamping of take-up bobbin is controlled by electricity. It drives pintles forward and backward by motor through belt transmission pair, worm pair, and nut screw pair, so as to clamp or release the bobbin.

E Take-up device

Take-up device is composed of 2motors, speed reducer device, drive plate device, speed detection feedback system, etc. Motor drive device adopts the winding feature of moment motor to guarantee the certain tension of take-up device all the time. Tension can be adjusted by changing the electric voltage.

f Horizontal bolt

g Conduction device

The device is composed of carbon brush, brush stand, conduction copper collar and so on. It serves to supply power and transmission signal to motor fitted on rotary fork stand and other components.

h.Hydraulic lifting platform


Operation Manual of JPD-3150 Drum Twister    

Bobbin loading and unloading can be finished by hydraulic lifting platform.

Note: Overflow valve is used to adjust the pressure of oil circuit; you should never adjust the pressure to an excessive high place. Usually, adjust it gradually from low level to higher level in order to work normally (that is, to hold the bobbin) is much better.

There are 2 guide tracks on lifting platform; you should adjust the width of them according to width of side plate outside bobbin, so as to make sure that the bobbin is set at center of the platform. Or, you may destroy the equipment after a long time running. Main engine can be started unless the lifting platform has been fallen down to the lowest position.


3.5.2 Technical specification

A Max rotating speed 50r/min

B Max loading weight 20T

C Traverse pitch 200~2800mm

D Take up reel size PN3150

E Main motor power N=75KW(AC)

F Take up motor power N=7.5KW (2 sets ,AC)

G Traverse motor power N=2.2kw(AC)

H Clamp motor power N=0.55kw (2sets ,AC)

Note;Rotation pay off shouldn’t be more than 70% of max.design speed.


4.Installation and maintenance



Operation Manual of JPD-3150 Drum Twister    


Installation of this machine should consult size of layout drawing and foundation drawing of the machine and obey the construction requirements; finishing drawing the traveling central line and central line of earth’s axis; determining the structure and thickness of concrete according to geological conditions and load capacity of the machine; digging pits, slots, and anchor bolt holes with different depths; preparing for cement bases.

After concrete has already reached to the maintenance term, you can draw ink lines of cables traveling central line, central lines of both earth shaft and installation on the terrace. At last, put every component in their right places. Set main shaft center of central rotary pay-off stand as a point and main shaft center of drum head stranding gearbox as another point. Then you can use steel wire (diameter is Φ1mm) to joint the two points together as a line .You can use turn buckle to pull it tight, and use heavy punch to make the small steel wire to stand in the same vertical face with ink line on the terrace. Together you can adopt a level instrument to calibrate central height mark of steel wire to be 1 meter. Then, you could adjust central height of all components according to it. Note: Attentions must be paid to that the circumferential gap of blind flange which was one end close to conduction device of main shaft of fork and stranding gearbox should be equivalent. It can be realized by adjusting devices of supporting wheel device. First make horizontal alignment of central height of fork stand. Then, with fork stand as the benchmark to adjust horizon of stranding gearbox.Finally, re-examining completely whether all sizes are equal to the requirements of the graphic. When correcting horizon and heights of installation, you must follow the working standard of TJ231.The allowable deviation of each component is ≤0.5mm.After examination, you are able to start second grouting. After about two-week’s maintenance, you should calibrate horizontal, vertical, central heights and sizes of the whole machine precisely. If any change occurs, it is permitted to add sizing block to the bottom of the machine, then fasten the anchor bolt.

Wire the connecting line according to the electrical wiring drawing. Jointing pneumatic and hydraulic pipelines and verifies the correctness of electric connection, no leakage in both of the pipelines. After installation and regulation, you ought to clean out the greasy dirt of every assembly especially the exterior surface of big bearing wheel and supporting wheel. Then inject the stated lubricant in lubricating point; checking the fastening pieces of every component to avoid looseness. Compressed air or other methods should be used to clean out sundries in every pneumatic and oil pipe, to prevent the sundries from entering into pneumatic, hydraulic devices.

After injecting hydraulic oil into every hydraulic box, start the oil pump motor, operate lifting and putting-down the oil cylinder time after time, making oil cylinder and pipeline full of oil and then filling the oil box with oil.

4.2 Trial run

You should trial run every component one by one. At the beginning, first check the firmness of them, let bobbin twisting head, caterpillar-tractor and taping device in free position, and let stranding gearbox in low-speed step. Start main motor slowly and gradually rise to max speed step by step. After ten-minute operation, then reduce the speed and stop the device. Then, let stranding gearbox rotate at intermediate speed and high speed respectively. Carry out the above trial run, let drum head rotate at low speed, intermediate speed and high speed separately and try for 20 minutes.

Add proper quantity of oil to rotary connection of caterpillar-traction (twisting off inlet connection of rotary connection individually) to reduce friction force between sealing ring and distribution connection. Adjusting compacting air pressure and tension pressure .Then join with caterpillar-traction, taping device, etc. and has trial run from low speed to high speed.

Next step is trial run of rotary pay-off stand then the trial runs of take-up device and traverse device.

During the trial run course, operating progressively form low speed to higher speed. Before running in high speed, checking fastening piece once again is suggested. If any abnormal situation appears, you should stop the machine to check in time. Continue trial run after clearing of the fault.Set fork stands of drum head and rotary pay-off stand at horizontal position respectively. And begin test run of clamping device and hydraulic lifting platform.

Start hydraulic system, make lifting platform rise or fall to the positions which are needed for lifting and putting down bobbins, and adjust position of each position switch.

Note: Overflow valve should be adjusted gradually from low level to higher level. It is proper for lifting platform to carry the bobbin filled with cables, and you should never adjust the overflow valve too low.

Power-on pneumatic device, observing touching conditions of every pneumatic brake block and brake wheel to adjust brake pressure by pressure regulating valve.

Note: braking pressure and pay-off tension should be regulated from small to bigger level gradually. You should never adjust it to an excessive level.


Operation Manual of JPD-3150 Drum Twister    

After finishing all the above trial run, next you can operate whole machine linked trial run, dry run for 2 hours from low speed to higher level. Both of its rotary pay-off stand and drum head should run for 40 minutes. There must be no abnormal sound. After the whole process, checking temperate rise of each bearing to make sure it is below 40℃. Test production can be started unless the dry run meets the criterion.


4.3 Operation

Before formal production, correctness, safety and reliability of interlocking mechanism of all running components must be checked. Follow the technology requirements to outfit needed wire mould; to place bobbins of every pay-off stand; to fix belting reel; to pull gear change hand level to required steps; to adjust traverse pitch adjuster knob to suitable place. Install Ф3150 take-up bobbin after adjusting the right tension of take-up motor according to the wire width.

After bobbins have been fixed onФ2250 rotating pay-off stand, pay-off tension of each bobbin should be adjusted properly and uniformly, bobbin must be pulled tightly and the retaining mechanism should be reliable enough. Letting discharging cable core wire pass the guiding stand then via assembly die carrier to assemble them together ,and linked with advanced prepared leading wire (Leading wire pass through tapping head, caterpillar capstan, conduction device , stranding gearbox and traverse stand to wind on the take-up bobbin). Then jogging to start the machine, adjusting the tapping tension, entrance angle, pitch and traverse pitch, etc. to suitable level. Machine can be run after wires winding on take-up bobbin.

After cables reach to the required length, stop the machine and jog to set fork stand to horizontal situation and plug the bolt into brake wheel, start bridge crane to hold take-up bobbin, power-on clamping motor. Turn the pulling rod and releasing bobbins, bridge crane rise to ground; rolling out the bobbin and be installed in the empty bobbin.

Note: After bobbins are clamped by pintles, clamping motor ought to be closed or it is easily to damage driving mediums like the clamping motor. Withdraw the horizontal bolt and wind cables around the empty bobbin. When all these works is done, formal star-up is allowed.(The course of rotating pay off stand loading and unload is same of the kind mentioned )

Attention: Line-start should be slow. Normal stop should be slow, the speed should be reduced, too.

You must bear this in mind that the fastening situation of spare parts on rotary bodies like fork stand must be checked frequently to avoid human injury or equipment accidents caused by spare parts pull-off.

Read the Electrical Using Manual before operation.


4.4 Maintenance

After installing and using this equipment for one month, examine the horizon of drum head and rotary pay-off stand, contact situation of conduction device, connecting place of related components and adjust them. Hydraulic system adopts 30# machine oil; 20# machine oil is injected into oil fog machine. Overall parts of the equipment generally accept single lubrication, bearing place, gears and feed screw nut which cannot be used machine oil are applied with Albany grease. Every surface of them should be added with machine oil 50# to lubricate. Piston connecting rods of caterpillar-tractor and clamping cylinder should be painted on 30# machine oil to protect surface of the piston and reduce the abrasion of lock ring of front cylinder head. Oil adding and oil change period should be done regularly.


Operation Manual of JPD-3150 Drum Twister    

4.5 Air supply provided by users should be matched with the following requirements:

4.5.1 Air pressure: 0.6Mpa

4.5.2 Air amount : 1.0M3/MIN(not include capstan cooling air)

4.5.3 Compressed air should be dry without impurity or dust.

4.6Air and circumstance requirements of electrical control cabinet::

Temperature ≤45℃ Relative moisture ≤60%


5.List of documents

5.1 Using Manuals (Mechanical & Electrical)

5.2Layout Drawing

5.3Foundation Drawing

5.4Transmission drawing

5.5 Transmission system drawing

5.6 Pneumatic Hydraulic Piping Diagram

5.7 Electrical Schematic Design(main machine)

5.8Electrical Piping Diagram (main machine)

5.9 External System Wiring Diagram(main machine)


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